2024_Final Exams (3rd year apprentices - GP Holzhäusern) Sat 19. October - Sun 20. October 2024


Mon 30. September 2024 18:00


Every apprentice registered for the golf instructor examination must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Registration must be made by the Pro responsible for training.
  • The registration deadline is September 30th of the respective calendar year.
  • Passed J+S examinations.
  • Passed EELS modules
  • Passed intermediate tests (rules, clubfitting, greenkeeping, swing

    analysis/video and teaching test) with a minimum grade of 4.

  • Over the course of the three years of training, a total of 8 tournament rounds

    were played, resulting in a maximum average score of 4 over par for men and 5 over par for women.

  • Submission of the thesis to the training committee by September 30th of the

    relevant training year at the latest.

    Additional specific tests:

    Y+S modules (advanced training 2, coaching juniors; written and oral)

    Greenkeeping (written)

    Clubfitting (written)

    Rules (written)

    Administration (oral)