Your grip - to the point

From your own experience you know that it is most likely something simple you need to change in your technique right?

With so many different ideas, theories and opinions out there in this wonderful world of golf on what you could, should or would change, often leaving you overwhelmed and or even sometimes completely confused at what exactly it is you might change, lets keep it seriously simple and to the point for you in 2023!

Lets start with taking a look at your Grip, YES your Grip! If your first reaction is oh NO not my grip? I am then suspecting something is not so natural or compliant with your grip and your swing intentions.

Just think for a moment about the only part of your body that is actually touching the golf club from address, throughout the swing, at IMPACT and still hopefully holding the club (both hands) through to the finish of your swing while your ball is flying off stylishly towards your intended target.

Your Grip is so important not just for your full swing with all clubs in your bag but most crucially for your 50m in (the scoring game) wedge game, bunker play, short game and delicate chipping around the green!

As a lifetime advanced member of the Swiss PGA I have had many years experience teaching all aspects of the golf game to club golfers from junior, through to seniors and how often I have to get to the point with the golfer and help them improve and change their grip may be a surprise to many, but with almost instant results after understanding and then applying the change all golfers get back their trust and the results start coming straight back to their scorecard.

Start with checking some basics, its the Fun that is in the fundamentals!

Left hand (responsible and directly connected to the club face and direction) is best when the grip is more in the fingers than in the palm of the hand and your thumb is resting on the back side of the club shaft (not on top), when you look down you should see at least see two to three knuckles on your hand. I get worried when I see your grip is too weak and you don’t see any knuckles when looking down as this tends to be contributing to an open club face at impact and possibly unwanted and nasty slices with your longer clubs.

Right hand (responsible and directly connected to the club head, shaft and power) is best when you have at least three fingers completely on the club, with you middle finger and ring finger being the main fingers in your right hand you are holding the club firmly with and your pointer finger being your trigger finger wrapped nicely around the shaft with your thumb wresting nicely on the target side of your shaft.

Now you don’t have to change everything with your grip all at once, take it step by step with one change at a time. I would strongly recommend you do this with your Swiss PGA professional to get straight to the point on exactly what it is you should change first and don’t waste time trying too many grip changes at once. Otherwise come and see me and we will get to the point and help you improve your grip for a better technique a better feel and and a better swing in 2023.