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Resignation of Swiss PGA from CPG and Participation in European PGA Alliance (EPGAA)


07. September 2023


The Swiss PGA has announced its resignation from the Confederation of Professional Golf (CPG). This decision comes after careful consideration by the Swiss PGA board, which has been evaluating the benefits and opportunities associated with its membership in CPG.

The Swiss PGA board has taken a closer look at the value that Swiss PGA derives from its affiliation with CPG and explored the reasons behind the departures of other national PGAs from CPG. This introspective examination led to a strategic decision to join the European PGA Alliance (EPGAA), a collaborative initiative started by the PGA of Germany and the PGA of Sweden.

The European PGA Alliance (EPGAA) is a forward-thinking partnership that focuses on enhancing the collective strength of European PGAs, fostering collaboration, and creating new opportunities for professional golf across the continent. By joining EPGAA, the Swiss PGA aims to align itself with like-minded partners and participate in a cooperative framework that aligns with its strategic objectives.

This decision reflects the Swiss PGA's commitment to evolving with the ever-changing landscape of professional golf and its dedication to providing the best possible support and opportunities for its members.

Press release by Swedish PGA