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Swiss PGA Championships 2023


05. October 2023

From 3-5 October, the Swiss PGA Championships 2023 were held at the magnificent Golfclub Interlaken-Unterseen, bringing together some of the best golfers in Switzerland. The tournament featured an impressive field of professional golfers competing for the title of Swiss PGA Champion.

Players competed on a challenging course that not only offered breathtaking views of the surrounding Swiss Alps, but also required a high level of technical skill and precision. Among the participants were some of the best golfers in the country, including established professionals and up-and-coming talents.

After three exciting rounds and a hard-fought tournament, Steve Rey in the senior category and Jordan Prutthaweewat in the men's category finally emerged as worthy champions.


Steve Rey and Jordan Prutthaweewat performed impressively throughout the tournament. Their skills in mastering the challenging course and hitting their accurate shots to the point gave both the edge.

In their victory speech, both expressed their gratitude and praised the course of the Golfclub Interlaken-Unterseen for the excellent organisation of the tournament. They also emphasised the strong competition.

The 2023 Swiss PGA Championships were not only a sporting highlight, but also a great opportunity for golf enthusiasts and spectators to experience the talent and passion of the best Swiss golfers at first hand.

We warmly congratulate Steve and Jordan on their victories and are already looking forward to the next edition of the Swiss PGA Championships next year. This event will undoubtedly be a highlight in the Swiss golf calendar once again.

Swiss PGA Championship Final Results