Top 4 result for Albane Valenzuela at the LPGA Chevron Championship

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Albane Valenzuela / Bild: Getty Images

Albane Valenzuela set an extraordinary mark at the Chevron Championship, the first of the five Grand Slam tournaments of 2023. The Geneva native finished in a strong 4th place in Houston with 8 under par. She recorded only 2 strokes more than the American winner Lilia Vu, who won in the play-off against Angel Vin. This is Valenzuela's first top-5 finish at a major. It is by far the best result ever achieved by a Swiss golfer - including her male colleagues. Thanks to her strong performance, Valenzuela was able to earn a prize money of 188,300 dollars.

Until now, Albane Valenzuela's best result at a Major was a 24th place at the US Open 2018, when she was still an amateur. She set her new best with her dad Alberto as her caddie. "I asked him to accompany me this week because I felt I needed his perspective on my game. He is my swing coach and also my mental coach. Really, my dad is just everything. To be able to share this moment with him is very special," explained the Geneva native.