Swiss PGA Tour 2019

Final event at Golf Club Lugano

Winner Svanberg Li Puma 1

Winners Swiss PGA Tour Event at GC Lugano: Frederik Svanberg (Men) and Franco Li Puma (Seniors)

The final event of the Swiss PGA Tour 2019 takes place from October 21-22 at Golf Club Lugano.

Participants included international Swiss PGA tour players such as Marco Iten, Benjamin Rusch, Luca Galliano and Jeremy Freiburghaus.

For once, the Ticino was presenting itself from the rainy side. Due to severe weather conditions, the tournament had to be shortened to one day.

In the men's category, Frederik Svanberg convinced with a strong 66 (-4), playing 5 birdies and only 1 bogey. It was a close competition with Alex Messiqua (67) and James Johnson (67, both T2.

The Seniors' competetion was a tight race between the ultimate winner Franco Li Puma (73), Karim El Baradie (74) and Giovanni Volentik (74), both T2.

SPGA Tour 2019 Lugano Scorecard Winner
Leuk Svanberg

Frederik Svanberg - Winner Men

Li Puma01

Franco Li Puma - Winner Seniors

SPGA Tour 2019 Lugano Results

Alex Messiqua - T2 Men

Leuk Johnson

James Johnson - T2 Men


Benjamin Rusch

Iten 3

Marco Iten