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Profession with prospects

Being a golf instructor means being part of a dynamic and constantly developing professional field with far-reaching prospects. The growing popularity of golf opens up numerous career opportunities, from teaching at prestigious golf clubs to specialising in youth training or golf psychology. The opportunity to work internationally and experience different golf cultures, as well as the need for continuous further training in technology and methodology, keep the profession exciting and future-orientated. Being a golf instructor is therefore not only a vocation that offers deep satisfaction through the development of players, but also a way to develop professionally and make a difference in golf.


About the Swiss PGA Further Education Program

The Swiss PGA's further education programme is characterised by its diversity and quality in order to meet the constantly growing demands of the golf teaching profession. It includes both specialised training courses and courses on overarching topics such as business management, health and fitness as well as the latest teaching technologies. Through regular workshops, seminars and online courses - led by recognised experts from around the world - the Swiss PGA ensures that its members stay abreast of the latest developments in golf. These ongoing educational opportunities not only offer golf instructors the chance to deepen their skills and knowledge, but also promote dialogue within the golf community. In this way, the Swiss PGA actively contributes to the professionalisation and quality enhancement of golf teaching by encouraging and supporting its members to see lifelong learning as part of their professional development.


The 2024 Further Education Program

The Swiss PGA in partnership with The Coach Alliance are excited to announce the 2024 Swiss PGA Further Education Programme. We have listened to your feedback to help create a world class programme designed specifically to help you, the Swiss PGA members. Delivered through a combination of FED in person events and webinars we have hand-picked the leading coaches in the fields of long game, short game, putting, biomechanics, ground force science, junior development, mental game and more. Whether you are part of the new Master Coach Programme or simply interested in specific speakers or subjects, we offer something for every player and coach looking to enhance their knowledge and develop their skills.

Everyone at the Swiss PGA and The Coach Alliance looks forward to meeting you over the course of the year.