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About the Swiss PGA

Since its foundation in 1943 as "L'Association Suisse des Professeurs de Golf", the Swiss PGA, the umbrella organisation for golf professionals in Switzerland, has developed into a centrepiece of the national game of golf. With more than 400 members operating in over 90 golf clubs nationwide, it is a driving force behind the growing popularity and qualitative development of golf.

The members of the Swiss PGA are more than just golf teachers and coaches; they are the ambassadors of the sport. Their daily work with over 90,000 golfers contributes significantly to the promotion and attractiveness of golf in Switzerland. They not only teach beginners the basics, but also help experienced players to improve their technique, thus actively shaping the golf culture in Switzerland.

The Swiss PGA stands for professionalism, innovation and a deep passion for golf. Through its commitment, it promotes not only the level of play, but also the spirit of golf: fairness, respect and the continuous search for improvement. At the heart of Swiss golf, the Swiss PGA plays a crucial role in establishing golf as an enriching and unifying activity.

In short, the Swiss PGA is far more than a professional organisation; it is the beating heart of golf in Switzerland, paving the way for future generations of golfers.