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The members of the association include both "teaching professionals", who earn their living primarily by giving golf lessons and teaching amateurs the sport of golf or coaching promising young players, and "playing professionals", whose income is made up of prize money and sponsorship money. The members of the Swiss PGA have contact with almost all golfers in Switzerland. As golf teachers, coaches, pro shop operators, club managers, tour players and sporting role models, they are recognised opinion leaders and effective multipliers for the target group of golfers in Switzerland.


Fully Qualified PGA Golfprofessionals

The majority of Swiss PGA members are golf instructors and teach the game.

The "teachers" teach beginners the basics of golf swing technique, explain golf and etiquette rules and ensure that the fun of the game and the great fascination of this sport play a major role from the very beginning. They introduce prospective golfers to the game and ensure that the sporting introduction to this wonderful hobby is carried out in a technically and didactically correct manner - the basis for sporting success and for having fun with golf.

In addition, the members of the Swiss PGA train advanced players and coach top players - with great success worldwide. The members of the Swiss PGA enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide, as the quality of their training is recognised as leading in international comparison.

PGA Golf Professionals are the first point of contact in their clubs for all golf-related questions and are highly competent in all sporting aspects of the game. Thanks to their full-time training, which usually lasts three years, they have a broad knowledge of golf and can not only teach the game at the highest level but also support the golf club in all other aspects of the sport.

Amateurs who want to ensure that they are taught according to the most modern golf didactics look out for the PGA trademark - a seal of quality for teaching at the highest level. Members of the Swiss PGA usually wear the association's logo clearly visible on their clothing. If in doubt, it helps to ask whether the golf instructor is a member of the Swiss PGA to ensure the quality of the lessons.



Playing Professionals: The tournament players

A small proportion of Swiss PGA members - around 10 per cent - earn their living from prize money and sponsorship: The "Playing Pros".

As small as the proportion of tournament players in the total number of members of the Swiss PGA is, they nevertheless enjoy the greatest public attention. The media report on sporting successes, and players and they are role models for children and young people to emulate.

Anyone with a Swiss citizenship that has reached the age of 18 and has a handicap of 0 can become a member of the Swiss PGA with "Player" status. The following applies: "Players" are not qualified golf instructors and should not give golf lessons unless they have completed the training as a golf instructor.