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Education Structure

The Swiss PGA's three-year golf apprentice programme is characterised by a cooperative and comprehensive structure that is designed in partnership with Swiss Golf, J+S (Youth and Sport), Swissbiomechanics, the Swiss Greenkeeper Association, the Swiss Club Managers Association, supported by Migros Golfparks and TrackMan. This cooperation ensures a versatile training programme that imparts technical, pedagogical and management-related skills and incorporates the use of state-of-the-art technologies. The Swiss PGA thus optimally prepares its trainees for a successful career in golf teaching and beyond.



The structure of the Swiss PGA's golf instructor training programme is carefully designed to provide prospective golf professionals with comprehensive preparation for their future roles. The training programme is divided into several phases over a period of three years, with each phase comprising specific teaching and learning objectives. From the outset, trainees are introduced to the practice of teaching golf, with a strong focus on developing coaching skills, mastering playing technique and understanding the psychology of the sport.

In addition to practical training in teaching golf and working in golf clubs, trainees receive theoretical training in areas such as sports science, club fitting, golf rules and etiquette and golf course management. This dual structure, combining both practical and theoretical elements, ensures that Swiss PGA graduates are not only qualified as excellent teachers and coaches, but also have the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the diverse world of golf.


Youth + Sport

The education system for apprentices, teaching professionals, junior coaches and J+S leaders in Switzerland is modular. The smooth team work between the associations and the ministry for sport ensures a high quality education and further education for the members of the PGA. Golf is an official element of the Youth + Sport program of BASPO since 2010.

This provides the basis and the opportunity for a career as a trainier. Those who specialise can complete the Swiss Golf Trainier A and a professional career training education through J+S.

All Y+S courses must be registered via the Y+S coach at the club. If there is no Y+S coach, please register directly with Mr Marcel Meier: