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Anyone wishing to start training to become a Swiss PGA golf instructor must fulfil the following requirements before starting the education:

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Handicap maximum 4.4 for men and 6.4 for women
  • Proof of playing ability (exact Hcp at the date of application)
  • Knowledge of English: 1st Certificate level
  • Swiss citizenship or residence permit B/C
  • Contract with a golf club and contract with the head professional of the club (this must be at least Class "A" certified)
  • Completed vocational training or completed secondary school
  • Successfully completed J+S leader course (5-day basic course)

Training fee: CHF 10,000 (for 3 years), each additional year CHF 1,500

Membership fee: CHF 330 in the first year, CHF 440 in the second and third year.


Date Event
26. - 27. Oct 2023 2023_Swiss PGA Autumn Days (1st, 2nd & 3rd year apprentices)_GP Holzhäusern Details 
28. - 29. Oct 2023 2023 Swiss Golf Rules School (GC Wylihof), Exam (online) December 9th, 2023 Details 
29. - 30. Oct 2023 2023_Swiss PGA Final Exams (3rd year apprentices)_GP Holzhäusern Details 
01. - 03. Nov 2023 2023_Modul Club Fitting (1st & 2nd year apprenitces)_GC Thunersee Details 
18. - 19. Nov 2023 2023_J+S Modul Fitness (2nd year apprentices)_GC Wylihof Details 
11. - 15. Dec 2023 2023_Swiss PGA Module "The Industry" (1st, 2nd & 3rd year apprentices)_GP Holzhäusern Details